Professor Jackson to serve as presenter for Harvard’s Seminar on Leadership of the Faculty

Professor Jackson will serve as a presenter at the 2018 Seminar on Leadership of the Faculty, a Collaborative on Academic Careers in Higher Education (COACHE) Program at the Harvard Institutes for Higher Education.

Dr. Jackson will work with participants on effectively leading diverse teams in the academy, especially when faculty are involved, to maximize institutional goals and outcomes. He will also discuss strategies for harnessing existing diversity among the academic workforce and cultivating new avenues to increase diversity.

The Seminar on Leadership of the Faculty will gather Chief Academic Officers and senior faculty affairs administrators to examine and reconsider, under a new lens and informed by the latest research, the persistent challenges of developing and leading college faculty. The four-day on-campus seminar is tailored to advance the professional development of Chief Academic Officers (CAO) at four-year and two-year institutions and senior-level college administrators who report to the CAO.