Professor Jackson recently shared his expertise in an op-ed for CU
Management, a publication offering daily insights for credit union leaders
associated with the membership organization CUES (Credit Union Executives
In the article, titled “Diversity Insight: It’s in Credit Unions’ DNA”, Jackson
applies his prior research related to workplace experiences and challenges to
credit unions. He found that credit unions are unique in comparison to the
other workplaces when it comes to diversity and inclusion and are uniquely
positioned to achieve diversity and inclusion objectives.
“Their inclusive nature, diverse member base, and people-focused mission
provide credit unions with a competitive advantage,” Jackson shared. “In
many ways, credit unions already lead the financial industry when it comes
to D&I measures. The challenge for credit unions is translating their history
of D&I efforts into a contemporary effort that supports an increasingly
diverse U.S. population.”
Read the full op-ed on the CU Management website: