Professor Jackson guest-starred on the podcast series for the Credit Union Executives Society, or CUES, this past April, sharing his expertise on the meaning and intersection of diversity and inclusion.

The podcast, titled “The Magical Point of Confluence Between Diversity and Inclusion,” defined the differences between the two terms and elaborated upon how credit unions benefit from diversity and inclusion and what committing to diversity and inclusion looks like for a credit union. He defined diversity as the full spectrum of human differences, including race, religion, and physical ability, in addition to others, while inclusion is promoting and sustaining a sense of belonging. The two put together is a recipe for success for both the organization and its employees.

“The confluence of these two concepts is where the magic happens,” Professor Jackson said. “When an organization commits to diversity AND inclusion it manifests itself through a bold mission, strategic priorities, and high-impact practices to support a diverse workplace and leverage the effects of diversity to achieve a competitive advantage.”

CUES released the podcast through their CU Management, their communications branch, which is focused on providing daily insights for credit union leaders through a variety of topics, including strategy, innovation, and for Professor Jackson’s podcast, human resources, among others.

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