The Cooperative Educational Service Agency (CESA) has invited Professor Jerlando F.L.  Jackson to serve as the keynote speaker at the CESA Conference this coming Thursday, May 24, 2018.

The CESA Conference, hosted by the Wisconsin Center for Education Research and its partnership subsidiary The Network, is held every year in Madison, and invites representatives from the Wisconsin Department of Public Institution, CESA offices across the state and other professional learning organizations. This year’s theme is “Promising Research and Practices for Challenging Times.”

The day-long conference features multiple breakout sessions and speakers related to the theme.

Professor Jackson’s address is titled Education and the Wakanda Effect: “Life [Must] Imitate Art” in WisconsinEducation performance data show that African American/Black students in K-12 schools in Wisconsin are outperformed by their in-state racial counterparts and same-race counterparts across the country. Professor Jackson will employ the lens of Afrofuturism to make meaning of historical realities and imagine school-based practices that cultivate unlimited possibilities for African American/Black youth.