A winning collaboration between the Wei LAB and Nehemiah Community Development Corporation was featured in the summer edition of Learning Connections magazine, a news magazine circulated by the UW-Madison School of Education.

The article highlights the “Reducing Health Inequity through Promotion of Social Connection” program that was selected to receive $1 million in funding through a Community Impact Grant via the Wisconsin Partnership Program.

The program aims to reduce disparities in overall health among African Americans by addressing implicit and structural racism. Utilizing a three-tiered approach, the program will educate and train African American neighborhood leaders and professionals and white allies and facilitate cross-cultural interactions with mentorship support to strengthen social networks within the community.

The Wei LAB, led by Professor Jackson, is responsible for managing the research and evaluation of the program.

Read the full story at: https://news.education.wisc.edu/news-publications/learning-connections/2019-summer/wei-lab